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My love of bull dogs started as a young boy but it was very rare to spot this type of dog back in the streets of Cardiff all those years ago – not only were they expensive but as we know, very difficult to breed.
As soon as I could afford a bulldog, I bought Lucy in 89 and acquired my affix “Bullycar” … Lucy was the love of my life. Although she wasn’t a show dog, she was bred with “Kingrock Canis Pugnax” and her pups went on to do exceptionally well in the show ring – one of her pups made it be an international champion (Bullycar Distant Traveller).
I loved being in the show ring and was exceptionally proud of my dogs – at one point I had several dogs from three generations – and to think it all started with Lucy!

My first show was at the Bulldog Club Of Wales where I showed Aggie (Bullycar Agathers Dream, one of Lucys pups) and won “Best Pup In Show” – whether it was beginners luck or Aggie’s good looks – it inspired me to continue with showing and I can proudly say that I won many awards during this time.After winning these awards at the Bulldog club of Wales and many other shows, I formed a strong relationship with Chris and Graham from the “Kingrock” kennels who were very supportive in my efforts to produce good quality bulldogs. They gave me sound advice and direction about how to care for my dogs and get the best from the breed. After a period of time, I was asked to become a committee member of the Bulldog Club Of Wales and was very proud to accept. Unfortunately in the mid nineties my love of Bulldogs had to go on hold due to work and family commitments (involving a majority of working away) but, there was always a void as I missed my bulldogs dearly. When the family was all grown and work became more local, I took the first opportunity to buy myself a beautiful Bulldog puppy called "Stella" .
Stella has filled a void in my life that the previous dogs had created – she is now my leading lady!!!

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